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Business, Science, and Technology Department

Business, Science, and TechnologyThe Business Science and Technology houses collections covering many aspects of business, including small business start-up and career exploration, as well as science, medicine, and technology.

Subject Areas:

  • Animals and Plants
  • Astronomy
  • Car Repair
  • Chemistry
  • Computers
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Health and Medicine
  • Management
  • Math
  • Military and Naval Science
  • Personal Finance
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Real Estate
  • Sports

Collections of Note:

Business Center
The Business Center offers both individuals and businesses a wide variety of resources for the investor, small business owner, potential business owner, executive, and student. We have a number of valuable research databases for the investor and entrepreneur along with print research and reference resources.

Job Center
The Job and Career Information Center provides a comprehensive collection of resources that includes materials on job hunting, résumé writing, interviewing techniques, career planning, and occupations. Computers are also available by reservation for two hours at a time to perform job related activities.

Department Store Catalogs
A collection of department store catalogs, including JCPenney, Montgomery Ward, Sears, and Spiegel, provides insight into twentieth century American retail history.

Old Car Shop and Owners Manuals
The automotive collection includes actual mechanics' shop manuals beginning with the Model-T, as well as owner's manuals for early model American cars.

  • Business, Science, and Technology Department
    John Damond, Manager

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