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Public Program Catalog

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The State Library Resource Center offers a variety of public program opportunities to support Maryland libraries and their customers. SLRC subject specialists deliver programs around the state at library branches and other locations. Programs are organized in the document below by broad subject categories and can be customized in length and content to meet the needs of libraries and library customers. To schedule a program, request a program you do not see listed here, or discuss your customers’ program needs, please contact

Public Program Catalog (PDF)

New Programs


American Military Records: Who, When, What, Why and Where

Tracing the life of an ancestor who served in the military can be challenging and military records can provide a wealth of information if you know where to look. Learn how to determine whether or not your ancestor served, the types of records available, what you can find in them, and where to find them—both online and in print. Whether you are new to military records, or have been researching them for years, come join us as we explore the potential of military records in genealogy.

Researching Your Family History Using the Maryland State Library Resource Center

Find out how the Enoch Pratt Free Library, Maryland State Library Resource Center's collection and resources can assist you in researching your ancestors. Topics include the types of materials available in the Library's collection, how to access these materials, how our librarian subject specialists can help, how you can prepare for your visit, and much more.


From Twilight into Sunshine: LGBTQ+ History in Maryland

Before language existed to identify persons whose gender expression and/or sexuality were non-conforming, nineteenth and early twentieth century local newspapers offered tantalizing clues that all was not straight and narrow.  A few decades later, the 1930s previewed the openness of recent times before giving way to a darker, more perilous era for LGBTQ+ people in the 1950s. After reviewing these twilight years, this program will look at the beginnings of the current movement toward LGBTQ+ visibility and rights.  The program — a collaboration between Enoch Pratt Free Library Librarians and Baltimore Heritage LGBTQ+ History Walking Tour Guides — can be tailored to inform local audiences about the LGBTQ+ history of their region and can also include material about LGBTQ+ life in Baltimore.

Maryland in the Civil War: Newspaper Articles and Artifacts from the Enoch Pratt Free Library’s Collections

This workshop is an opportunity to learn about Civil War-era newspaper articles from around Maryland, a trove of easily accessible primary-source documents for students of local history. Participants will also learn about everyday life in their locality during the Civil War and view related artifacts from the Pratt Maryland Department’s Ephemera and Broadside Collections.

Maryland on Vacation: Unwinding in the Free State, 1875-1952

When did Marylanders start taking vacations? Where did they go? How did they get there? Using postcards, steamboat & train schedules, resort brochures, and photographs, this program explores how Marylanders from diverse racial and social backgrounds began to take breaks from work routines. The program also examines the social mores that shaped vacations for Marylanders.

Information And Media Literacy

Internet Safety

Staying safe on the Internet these days is no easy task and the Library is here to help. Online actions can have offline consequences: find out the keys to staying safe online including how to keep your private information private, checking information before you click on it or share it, and understanding how to be a good digital citizen. Topics also covered include cyber-bullying, maintaining a healthy relationship with online use, and online "manners."

Music Appreciation

A Brief History of American Popular Music

What is popular music? What makes music popular? Come get a whirlwind tour of American Popular music from the Revolutionary era up through the present day. Participants will engage with sheet music, performance footage, and audio samples as we explore both what has changed and what remains timeless in popular music.

What's in a Folk Song?

Participants will learn about the defining characteristics of folk song by exploring the wealth of free online resources and print resources available at SLRC. Specifically we will talk about the roles parody and mutation play in defining folk song, as well as listening to and performing case studies on the evolution of several songs.

What’s in a Song?

Songs are more than entertainment, they are an integral piece of the fabric of human culture. Come learn what questions to ask, and what resources to utilize when researching a song. Participants will listen to selections and learn which questions to ask in placing a song in its proper historic context. Lastly, free sources online and print sources here at SLRC will be surveyed for researchers who want to go beyond Spotify in understand the song as a primary source.

Research Skills

Public Legal Resources Program

Find out how the law is made, who represents you, and where to find the law as it applies to you. This program introduces a brief overview of how federal and state law is organized and how to go about starting any legal research you might need to do. The program also offers a brief overview of the Maryland Court System with particular attention paid to forms, where to find the help you need and low to no cost legal aide resources available throughout the state. We briefly touch on popular legal topics such as voter registration, tracking legislation, self-representation and how to prepare for court.

This is a power point presentation lasting around 1 hour with handouts. This program can be customized according to interest and location. This is also available as Librarian Legal reference training.

Public Records and Where to Find Them

Have you ever wondered how to find an ancestor’s birth certificate? Look up a business’s history? Find out how the government is spending your money? How about tracking down who owns that beautiful classic car with the for sale sign on it? All of these questions can be answered using the same resource, public records. We often hear that information is a matter of public record, but what does that actually mean? What information is out there, who created it, how can you find it, and how can it be useful? Learn all about these fantastic records, where to find them and what they can do for you.

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