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Best and Next Department

Best and NextThe Best and Next Department maintains a collection of audio-visual materials reflecting the general scope of most Pratt subject areas. Best and Next provides access to information not located in standard book sources.

Subject Areas:

  • Documentaries
  • Educational DVDs/videos (National Geographic, Nova)
  • Fiction/Young Adult Audiobooks
  • Foreign Films
  • Japanese Anime Series
  • Music CDs (Country, Gospel, Jazz, Popular, World Folk)
  • Musical Performance DVDs/videos
  • Phonograph Records
  • Rental DVDs/videos (Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi)
  • 16mm Films
  • TV Series

Collections of Note:

African-American History
The department has a large selection of video and DVD resources dealing with various aspects of African American history.

Educational Teaching Aids
The collection includes series like Nova and National Geographic that number in the hundreds of videos and DVDs covering an amazing range of topics.

Frederick Wiseman Collection
A documentary collection of videos by American filmmaker Frederick Wiseman.

Maryland Archive Footage
A collection of historical footage highlighting local institutions, landmarks and neighborhoods available in various formats (video, DVD and 16mm film).

16mm Film Collection
A collection of films reflecting the strengths in Baltimore Film Festival entries, experimental and avant-garde shorts, and classic feature films with public performance rights.

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