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Library Associate Training Institute

The Library Associate Training Institute (LATI) is sponsored by the Maryland State Library Agency. Job responsibilities and training for public library associates in Maryland are dictated by Maryland law.

According to the law, library associates are required to complete 90 hours of approved in-service training within the first two years of their appointment to a library associate position. They are also required to do so in order to participate in the Maryland State Retirement System. For additional information, please visit the LATI page on the Merlin website and view the LATI Brochure.

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There are two LATI cohorts annually, one in the spring, and the other in the fall. The Staff Development Coordinator of each library system notifies the LATI Coordinator when library associates are hired. The LATI Coordinator enrolls library associates in cohorts based on the date of hire, the number of eligible library associates in each system, and creating cohorts with statewide representation.

The LATI Oversight Committee (LOC) studied the Library Support Staff Certification competencies sponsored by the American Library Association to determine which applied to the LATI program and added other competencies to reflect the priorities of the curriculum. Library associates participate in face-to-face sessions, live online learning sessions, independent work, and coaching sessions with their supervisors during the 14 week program.  SLRC librarians present a large number of the sessions as part of our State Library Resource Center role.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Values of public libraries and professional librarianship
  • Excellent customer service
  • Adult, teen, and children’s age level services
  • Online Searching Resources
  • Health Resources
  • Legal Resources
  • History Resources
  • Business and Job Search Resources
  • Science and Technology Resources

Are you a Graduate from LATI Looking for Professional Development or Career Opportunities?

SLRC as well as many others statewide and in the surrounding area provide a variety of professional development and job opportunities.

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