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Pamphlet Play Index

The Pamphlet Play Collection, acting editions of plays, is located in the Humanities Department on the third floor. Most plays in the collection are arranged alphabetically by author, while some contain a number of short plays. Every play in the Pamphlet Play Collection, whether full length or a page long, can be found by searching the Pamphlet Play Index. If you are looking for audition material, for plays to perform, or for a copy of a play to read for class, the Pamphlet Play index can help you find relevant plays quickly.

Using the Pamphlet Play Index, it’s possible to find a short play in a collection, a comedy about a certain topic or a drama for a certain number or actors or actresses. You can also find plays by genre, such as mysteries or farces. There are also separate sections for collections such as Auditions and Monologues, Christmas Plays. Also, an advanced search can be created for the specific kind of play sought. For example, by combining search features it is possible to find a monologue by Edward Albee, a dramatic adaptation of Animal Farm, a comedy for 3 men and 6 women, or a melodrama for a high school group.

The Humanities Department is glad to send any plays needed to counties for customer use.

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