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Maryland Statewide Circulation Conference


The Maryland Statewide Circulation Conference is the annual circulation conference for library staff throughout Maryland. The conference brings together library staff for presentations on the latest trends in circulation and other relevant topics to circulation, support, and reference staff.


If you have any questions about the conference, please contact Chelsea Shockley ( & Paula Mitchell (

2022 Sessions

Wednesday, September 28th (virtual)

Keynote Address - “Uh-oh. People.”: Building Your Empathy Muscles
Emma Karin Eriksson, Senior Young Adult Librarian (Brooklyn Public Library, New York)

The complexities of working with people, from co-workers to patrons, is a large part of librarianship, yet it is rarely addressed in training or professional development. For better or worse, figuring out how to support patrons with complex needs or navigate interpersonal conflict in the workplace is largely learned through trial and error. As trauma-informed and empathetic services are centered in efforts to move toward people-focused libraries that serve diverse needs, how and why do we tangibly put these words into practice?

About the Keynote Speaker
Emma Karin Eriksson (she/her) is an activist-academic whose personal and professional life is driven by a commitment to social justice. Believing deeply in people over property and profit she sees libraries as a place of liberation.

During her graduate program Emma Karin was disappointed in the lack of courses that provided practical skills for working with the diverse needs of people. Since then she has created syllabi, worksheets, and engaged in more discussions than she can count on how to get information workers ready for the everyday realities of their work. She most recently finished teaching the Library Juice Academy course #CritLead: Practicing critical librarianship from positions of power and is currently working on a toolkit to support information workers engaging Critical Reflective Practice.

She is currently a Senior Young Adult Librarian at Brooklyn Public Library, and is always a radical facilitator and zine maker. To learn more about her, her work, or to get in contact visit


Libraries 101 for Paraprofessionals
John Jewitt & Chelsea Shockley (Maryland State Library Resource Center/Enoch Pratt Free Library)

Librarianship principles may not be a part of the standard training for circulation and support staff, but these concepts are important to all working in libraries. This session provides an opportunity to take a brief trip to the past as we explore the history of libraries and how they have transformed. Learn about how ALA’s Core Values of Librarianship and ethics guide our everyday work in libraries.


Providing Services to Marylanders with Visual, Physical, or Other Print Disabilities
Ashley Biggs (Maryland State Library for the Blind and Print Disabled)

The Maryland State Library for the Blind and Print Disabled (LBPD) provides comprehensive library services to Marylanders who have visual, physical, or other print disabilities that prevent them from accessing standard print. Learn about the library's services, how users qualify and apply for services, and understand the certification process.


Thursday, September 29th (in-person)

Contaminated Materials
Christopher Cannon (Maryland State Library Resource Center/Enoch Pratt Free Library)

Explore the latest best practices for working with contaminated materials, with an expansion on information about mold, bedbugs, and other “fun” situations. We’ll discuss how to quarantine items, who to involve in the process, and policies for addressing the issue with customers.


Digital Communication: Give Better to Get Better
Anita Crawford (Baltimore County Public Library), Erin Gambrill & Beth Heltebridle (Frederick County Public Libraries)

Our days are spent sharing information - through email, chat, text, and virtual or face-to-face meetings. But are we doing it well? This session will provide steps to help you set boundaries, stay afloat in the infinity pool of email, and know when an instant message should become a phone call. By applying empathy, no matter the mode, you'll be sure to get better communication in return.


Getting Involved in an MLA Membership Group
Chelsea Shockley (Maryland State Library Resource Center/Enoch Pratt Free Library)

Have you heard about MLA (Maryland Library Association) but aren’t sure yet about joining and getting involved? Learn about the networking, leadership, professional development, and other benefits of participating in an MLA membership group from the current Support Staff Division President.


Marina User Group Meeting & Tour of MILO
Emma Beaven (Maryland State Library Resource Center/Enoch Pratt Free Library)

Join us for a special, in-person meeting of the Marina Users Group. We will be talking about MILO (Maryland Interlibrary Loan) services, providing you with updates, hosting a discussion, and giving a tour of the MILO Office and Transshipping.


Service Dogs: What They Are, Where They Can Go, and What You Can Say
AM Dillon (St. Mary's County Library) & Service Dog Lucky VII

Service dogs. What springs to mind when you hear those two words? Is the thought process different when a service dog and handler enter your place of work or where you are volunteering? Relax, no judgment here! In this session AM will share information about what service dogs are, where they can go, and what you can say if they come to your facility. There will be handouts with this information for you to take home, including some things to remember. Plus, you will get a chance to see a service dog (Lucky VII) in action!


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