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Art Auction Records
Online services like,, and are vital tools for buyers and sellers of art, because they provide subscription access to auction records, hammer prices, notices of future sales, and analysis of trends in the art marketplace.
Art Fundamentals
A clear understanding of the elements of visual design is fundamental to an artist's training in order to be able to use that knowledge to develop artistic judgement later on.
ArtLex is an online art dictionary defining over 3,600 terms useful in discussions of art and aspects of visual culture. Also included here are thousands of supporting images, notes on pronunciation, and many cross-references.
Arts & Design Occupations
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has produced this summary of careers for visual artists, with descriptions of typical work activities,  educational requirements, the outlook for future employment , and potential salary ranges as a feature of their Occupational Outlook Handbook.
Importance of Art Education
The importance of simple creative activities offered by art education are increasingly being recognized as building blocks of child development. Studies have also described numerous benefits of art instruction for older children and even  at-risk-youth. Take a moment, too, to review this article on the subject from
The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History
The Heilbrunn Timeline is an art reference, research and teaching tool. It features images of many beautiful objects coupled with numerous essays on the primary topic and related issues, arranged by time period, geographic region, and artist/maker names to place the long history of art in context.  From the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
The Modern Art Story
This site illustrates the evolution of modern art from about 1870 to the present day, focusing on important artists, ideas, movements and styles.

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